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Coming soon... A new set of pocket money projects for the 8 pin FlowIC-8 such a Dice, Rescue locator and a musical card project. Developments with FlowIC-14 continue with the reworking of eChip projects such as the Personal Alarm, Rescue Me wand.


Welcome to

The FlowIC web site. During the next few months new products and projects will be appearing. In particular a FlowIC and Flowol supported product from Kre8, called Brainy USB. We are also releasing our first Arduino Shield which is a simple hand-held gaming system for Sept 2011, click here for details.

FlowIC chips are a new range of PIC microcontrollers produced by Intelligent FirmwerX, designed for KS3 and KS4 Control Technology teaching and exclusively supported by the Flowol 3 flowcharting control software. FlowIC chips offer a low cost and low component count entry point coupled with USB connectivity.


FlowIC chips are available in two sizes: 8 pin and 14 pin, along with a project PCB for each one. FlowIC chips have been specially designed to use minimal components, making them cost effective, quick and easy to assemble and to get running by teachers and students alike. FlowIC chips have been developed as a chip-level companion to Flowol 3, giving you the power without the price, linked to the flowcharting control software.