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What are FlowIC chips?

Key features

FlowIC chips are pre-programmed PIC microcontrollers that put the power of Flowol3 on a chip. It offers a number of key functions such as:


  • Fully multi-tasking by running 3 flowcharts at the same time
  • Can be operated connected to or disconnected from a host PC
  • The USB connection system allows low current circuits to operate whilst attached to the PC, without the need to attach a battery
  • Very low component count placing it in the POCKET MONEY range and very easy to construct
  • Programming method is via flowcharts using Flowol3
  • Multi-tasking up to 3 flowcharts
  • Programmed directly via a USB cable, no separate programmer needed
  • Available in 8-pin and 14-pin versions
  • Has ICP function for programming and debugging on the fly
  • Needs minimal components to be fully operational

System components


  • Pre-programmed PIC chip containing the FlowIC firmware
  • USB Downloader cable
  • Prototype PCB - test board with PSU, input and output solder pads or 0.1” connector pins
  • User needs to provide or have access to Flowol3

ICP and Debugging


  • FlowIC offers ICP (In Circuit Programming) while it's connected to the PC
  • Flowol 3 can then run a flowchart on the PC, directly operating the outputs and responding to the inputs of the FlowIC
  • This enables the input and output circuit function to be tested directly
  • While connected, the flowchart can be paused, debugged and refined before being downloaded and run remotely